New Football Boots

Cricket Football Boots? Nike Step up to the Wicket

Here are the FIRST EVER ‘Cricket Football Boots’ created by custom cricket shoes!

These new cricket boots are very like football boots until you get to the sole plate. Cricket players need a particular sole plate to play Cricket just as footballers need their specification when it comes to this. The Cricket football boot comes with everything you need to play this classic English sport. Sporting carbon steel hardened tips on the spikes these look great as well as being effective on a cricket field.

Cricket-Football-Boots (2)

The boots can be made to order and come in a variety of designs and custom sole plates. There seems to be a demand now for this kind of boot, combining the sleek Nike finish of a football boot and bringing that into an entirely different sport is something a lot of fans of cricket have wanted for quite some time.

We are likely to see more variations of these types of boots if the demand is there. Right now, it certainly looks like it is.


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