New Football Boots

Nike Continues to Innovate for Athletes

Nike like to be at the forefront of innovation when it comes to athletes comfort whether it be footwear, football shirts and kits and everything in between.

Nike now look like they’re making great strides with their all-new NikeGRIP Socks!

The new grip or ‘anti-slip solution’ is designed to make sure your feet don’t slide inside your shoes. This is a common problem with athletes that could lead to discomfort and irritation the more they wear their choice of trainer/boots etc. Not only that but it takes into account the probability that there is a certain amount of slip between your foot and the sock itself, locking your feet in to maximise performance.


After much testing, they decided to use ultrafine polyester fiber for the NikeGRIP sock. While this is pivotal it is now essential to find out the right amount of grip the sock needs, too much or too little could cause as much irritation as the problem they’re trying to solve. The Nike grip will ultimately work with your Nike footwear to lock in your feet giving athlete’s greater purchase, and poise.

What do you think of the NikeGRIP socks?


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