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Manchester United 1990s League Winning Away Kit

Manchester United are one of the biggest teams in history and the club has had many memorable kits over the years. Traditionally recognised for their bright red kit, the Red Devils have also had several truly iconic 2nd and 3rd kits, and the kit below is arguably one of the best. 

The reasoning behind the 1992/1993 third kit having gold and green colouring was a tribute to Manchester United’s humble roots. Before the existence of Manchester United, the club was called Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Football Club, from its foundation in 1878 until its rebranding to United in 1902. Traditionally during these early years, the club wore green and gold. Therefore, not to be confused with the green and yellow home kits of Norwich City, Manchester United’s original colouring was beautifully recreated in the 1992/1993 season. What made this kit more iconic, is that it also coincided with the replacement of the English First Division with the English Premier League, of which Manchester United were the inaugural winners. A historic link to this kit. Finally, the gold and green colouring has also become a symbol of club unity and rebellion in recent years. 

With the ongoing battle against club owners, the American Glazer family who are not popular amongst United fans, gold and green scarves have been worn as a symbol of desire for the return of former years. A powerful message and one that this kit brings to life.


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