FC Dordrecht Artistic 23-24 Third Kit

FC Dordrecht, who play in the Dutch second division, recently released their third kit for the 2023/2024 season and it is a true masterpiece. The front of the kit is emblazoned with a stunning artistic design, inspired by a real painting by the famous Dutch artist Albert Cuyp. Cuyp’s artwork was chosen because the famous artist was a known resident of Dordrecht. The kit, as seen below, features an interpretation and recreation of Cuyp’s painting known as the “View of Dordrecht”. The painting aimed to capture the city in the beautiful evening glow from a realist angle, sailing down the Oude Maas river.

As seen above, the kit captures Dordrecht in image, however, it also pays tribute to the famous artist Albert Cuyp, whilst gives the kit a sense of historic importance and relevance. The unique design provides both players and fans with a sense of belonging, and creates a strong connection between the football team, culture and history of the city. Similar kits to this Dordrecht kit have been made before. For example, the 2021 Atlético Mineiro kit (below), which was designed by the fan Lucas Adriano, and captures the Brazilian state Minas Gerais.


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