Colourful Andorra Kits Unveiled

Andorra, ranked 203 by FIFA, are the bottom of UEFA’s pile. The good news is that the only way is up.

It’s been almost twelve years since their last win in a competitive match – 1 – 0 over Macedonia in case you were wondering. The positives for the players and the future, is that fewer of the results are thrashings. The players are making progress in catching up to other smaller nations.

andorra-2016-2017-home-and-away-kits all

The home kit made its debut in the 0 – 1 defeat to the Latvians in Andorra la Valle last Tuesday.

Andorra Home and Away 2016/17 Kits

These are the Andorra kits for the coming season:

andorra-2016-2017-home-and-away-kits banner

Both are bright. Very bright, to the extent that you wonder if Raybans are set to offer a sponsorship deal to the FAA, the Andorran FA.

The home shirt has a base colour of red and features yellow pinstripes down the front of the body. Zigzag pinstripes at that which is new one on us.

A yellow and blue banded collar leads onto yellow shoulder panels featuring Adidas’ Three Stripes in blue. At the end of the panels are blue bands above the red sleeves.

Red shorts and socks complete the kit.

In the event that they meet another nation with zigzag pinstripes, Andorra has a bright and colourful away strip. It has a yellow base colour, with blue bands across the bottom half of the shirt, meeting blue side panels.

The collar is yellow and red bands which lead onto the Adidas trademark Three Stripes in red across the shoulders.

Goalkeepers get off lightly. The home kit is yellow and green with diamond patterning on the shoulders, using their standard template.


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