Brazil Set to Launch Tender for New Manufacturer


Brazil are set to launch a tender as they begin the process of potentially finding a new manufacturer.

According the German newspaper Kicker, the Brazilian Football Federation are interested in moving on from Nike if a suitable deal is not found with the American brand.

It has been reported that Brazil earn around $35.5 million annually from their current deal with Nike. The German national team’s brand new contract with Nike starting in 2027 is set to earn the DFB over $100 million a year.

Brazil will be keen to be earning a similar amount to the Germans. If the five time World Cup winners decide to leave Nike, they have an array of options to choose from. Brazil have been in a contract with Nike since 1997.

Adidas will be keen to have a new international side as face of the brand with Germanys upcoming departure. Brazil would be their number one target, with Adidas briefly manufacturing their jerseys back in 1978.


Puma will also be keen to replace Italy who recently left the German company for Adidas.

It’s safe to say the Brazilian national team will not be short of options for their next manufacturer.


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