Germany Nike Concept Jersey: The Future of Germany Shirts?


Germany have recently announced that they will part ways with Adidas in what is a groundbreaking moment in football history. The German national team and Adidas have had a long standing partnership spanning multiple decades. American sports giants Nike will join up with the The German Football Association (DFB) in 2027, becoming the country’s new jersey manufacturers.

With this groundbreaking news shocking football fans around the world, we are now starting to see concept designs of what the Germany Nike jersey could look like.

Thanks to @Mi_Gfx02, we are able to have the German Nike jersey brought to life as he has created home and away concept jerseys. The home jersey is predominantly white but includes black yellow and red running across the chest, representing the German flag.

The Germany away jersey will be a black and dark red mix, which has similarities to the 2022 Germany away shirt.


Although these are just concept designs, they help fans create a vision of what the DFB and Nike partnership could look like when it begins in 2027. Germany and Adidas have had an iconic and historic partnership for over 70 years, but it will soon be time for them to part ways.


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