Bayern Munich 2024/25 Home Jersey LEAKED

Bayern Munich

The first images of the brand new Bayern Munich 2024/25 home jersey have been leaked online. Bayern’s newest release was spotted during Gary Neville’s interview with defender Eric Dier on his show “The Overlap”. Winger Leroy Sane was spotted in the background of the interview video doing club media work while wearing Bayern Munich’s latest home jersey.

This mistake has since been edited and fixed by the Overlap team, with the clip no longer available on the video.

The jersey itself is manufactured by Adidas, Bayern Munich’s long-term shirt partner. Although the primary colour of the jersey is red, there are also shades of dark maroon and dark red. Despite the club badge and sleeve applications looking like a black colour, they are in fact also the same dark maroon shade. A stripe graphic also runs down the front of the jersey, adding an impressive finishing touch to the strip.

What do you think of the new Bayern Munich 2024/25 home shirt? Comment below.


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