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Back to the Future – Nike Unveil Self Lacing Trainers

It may have taken longer than we expected since we seen Marty McFly and the gang use these in the popular movie franchise “Back to the future” but Nike have now unveiled their first ‘self-lacing’ trainers, and we love them!

The new trainers are very intuitive when your heel hits the base of the trainer they will automatically tighten to the specification of your foot.
nike-launches-self-lacing-hyperadapt-trainer-4 (1)

The Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 will also have a button on the side of the shoe so you can press it to manually loosen or tighten to suit if you think the automatic setting isn’t for you.

Nike are always looking to innovate and this won’t be their last foray into the self-lacing market as the company says to expect big things going forward.

The trainers will only be available to Nike+ customers initially with a late 2016 release expected for the fans who are dying to get their hands on them.


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