Adidas Release World Cup Qualifier Balls

Adidas has released their new summer and winter footballs to be used in the FIFA Russia 2018 World Cup qualifiers.


The footballs are specific to the UEFA division of the qualifying tournament and are debuting in the current round of matches.

Adidas 2016-2017 UEFA World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Football

This is the Adidas 2016-2017 UEFA World Cup Russia 2018 Qualifiers football.

adidas-2018-world-cup-european-qualifiers-ball-logo  adidas-2018-world-cup-european-qualifiers-ball-graphic

The technology behind the ball hasn’t changed since Adidas’ Brazuca ball used during the last World Cup finals in Brazil two years ago. As with every ball in the past twenty years, focus is entirely on the flight of the ball, encouraging attacking players to strike at goal.

With six panels and no visible seams, Adidas is satisfied that, at the moment, it is the truest flight a football can follow at present.

The graphic design on the ball focusses on the fan stadium experience, picturing the scene as supporters enter the stadium, in red, black and grey.

Adidas 2016-2017 UEFA World Cup Qualifiers Winter Football

This is the Adidas 2016-2017 UEFA World Cup Qualifiers Winter Football.


The panelling and design are the same as the summer ball but coloured orange for inclement weather. The graphic this time is of stadium scenes.



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