Are adidas Glitch Boots Coming Soon?

Social media is becoming swamped with images and videos about adidas Glitch boots. The first mass production boot with interchangeable soles and chasis’.

Adidas Glitch Black

Speculation intensified over the weekend with the boots appearing for the first time on a professional football pitch. Charlie Colkett of Bristol Rovers – on loan from Chelsea – wore his pair of ‘Glitch’ – are they now ‘Glitches’? – for the Pirates this weekend. Rovers lost 1 – 2 at home to Peterborough.


adidas Glitch Football Boots

Colkett previously posted photos on Instagram of the newly designed, interchangable boots:


The full range of interchangable ‘skins’ isn’t yet known but Colkett wore a shimmering white design. The inner of the boot could be custom-made; it matched perfectly the blue used in Bristol Rovers home kit.

Inner ‘skins’ come attached to the chassis of the soleplate and slip into the outer skin quickly and easily. The skeleton is robust to withstand usual football use whilst flexible enough to be easily interchangeable.


Two other outer skins have surfaced in white and red (see below). Other colourways are as of yet unconfirmed.

Glitch red and white

The boots design is the X16+ PureChaos. However, these come with a laceless feature and will come in both Firm Ground and Soft Ground variants.




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