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A Legend’s Relic: Eric Cantona’s 1996/97 Match Worn Manchester United Home Shirt, sold at £12,100.00.

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In a recent online auction, football enthusiasts and collectors had the rare opportunity to bid on a piece of Manchester United‘s massive history, a match-worn Eric Cantona Home Shirt from the 1996/97 season. The significance of this jersey lies not just in its iconic red fabric but in the fact that it once was worn by the legendary “Eric Cantona” himself during the 1996 season.

Eric Cantona created an everlasting history while becoming a club Legend at Manchester United, making 185 appearances, scoring 86 goals, and giving 62 assists, after his key move from Leeds on November 26, 1992, for a price of over 2 million pounds.

This shirt carries all the distinctive features of a player’s shirt from that era, as it is detailed with the Premier League champions badge on the left sleeve due to their victory in the previous season, and a small “Theatre of Dreams” text, featuring their legendary stadium, Old Trafford. Moreover, this kit was sold with visible signs of game use, with the wear and ensuring its authenticity after a series of battles fought and victories celebrated on the pitch.

The final hammer struck at an impressive £12,100.00, a symbol of the lasting appeal of iconic football memorabilia and the eternal legacy of players like Eric Cantona in the hearts of fans and collectors. It’s a fact that this match-worn jersey stands not only as a relic of the past but as a valued piece of football’s heritage.


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