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The Borussia Dortmund 2019/20 Concept Kit has Arrived

Three Excellent 2019/20 Concept Kits for Borussia Dortmund


Yesterday, we brought you all three of Luton Town’s current football kits. They were eye-catching and consistent. Furthermore, fans have received each of the jerseys positively. Today, as we sit in the middle of the week, we want to bring you some more concept kits. Concept are fun little bets made by digital designers on what they believe next season’s kits will look like. Furthermore, so far we’ve seen Plymouth Argyle’s, Arsenal and Brentford’s concept kits. Today is the turn of Borussia Dortmund, a team that dominates the Bundesliga. They’re currently sat comfortably in first place, with Monchengladbach three points behind.


We brought you Borussia Dortmund’s 2018/19 kits back in July. The sun was still hot in the sky and both jersey designs were excellent. Can these concept kits live up to our expectations?


Borussia Dortmund


The home kit is yellow and black. There’s no surprises there.The yellow provides the centre of the jersey and running down each side is a faded black. They yellow provides the perfect blank canvas for the club’s crest, Puma’s logo and the club’s main sponsor. Furthermore, the black is an excellent contrast. Tow yellow bands run around the bottom of each sleeve and the neckline is a simple one – no collar necessary.




While the home kit was consistent with previous Borussia Dortmund jerseys, the away one certainly pushes the envelope. It’s turquoise with an angular pattern running across the front. Furthermore, yellow is the contrasting colour that runs across the shoulders and down each of the sides. Each element on the jersey stats out, however it is the club’s crest that really shines through.




Finally, let’s take a look at the third kit. It’s white with thin yellow and black lines running vertically up the front. Out of the three, the third kit is our favourite. It ensures simplicity while retaining all of its necessary character.


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