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Juventus Have Revealed Their Metallic and Yellow 2018/19 Third Kit

Juventus’ Metallic Third Kit is Excellently Contrasted


Some teams seriously dominate their leagues. Whether that’s Barcelona in La Liga or PSG in Ligue 1, some teams are the titans who pick up titles. One of those teams is Juventus. They compete in the Italian Serie A and they’re currently in first place. Towards the end of the summer Juventus signed Christiano Ronaldo, arguably one of the best players of all time. With this expensive signing, the Italian side has cemented their position at the top. Only seven games have so far been played but they’re already six points ahead of second place Napoli.


juventus_18_19_adidas_third_kit_a juventus 18_19_adidas_third_kit_b


A while ago we at UK Soccer Shop brought you the club’s latest away kit. Furthermore, way back in May, we showed you Juventus’ 2018/19 home jersey.




If you don’t want to read the full home kit release, we understand. To fill you in, this author said:

“The overall design is black and white. If it was anything else, this would be a much more important article. The two large black stripes which run vertically on the front of the jersey are a change from the previous season’s multiple thinner stripes which, it could be argued, worked better.”


The away kit was a greyish cream colour that is characterised by its subtle pattern.




The third jersey’s main colouring is metallic grey. It receives a fading effect from the light and dark grey pattern that runs across the whole design. This dark, more dull colouring is perfectly contrasted with the bright yellow that can be seen on the club’s crest, their main sponsor and Adidas’ logo.




Running from the under arms down to the bottom of Juventus’ third jersey are Adidas’ iconic three lines. These stripes run onto the shorts and, furthermore, complete the kit nicely.


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