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Mansfield Town Reveals Their 2018/19 Third Kit by Surridge

Mansfield Town’s Gold and Green Third Kit has So Far Impressed Fans.


Last week we took a look at Mansfield Town’s latest away kit. It held the perfect contrast between bright gold and dark black, as well as a number of shades in between. They’re a club who are competing in League 2 and are currently sat in 16th place. While this isn’t a huge cause for concern, their recent loss and a draw will make fans hope that it’s simply a turbulent start, rather than a serious problem. To give the fans the faith that’s necessary to attend League Two matches each week, the club has teamed up with Surridge to craft an excellent third kit. Let’s take a look.


mansfield town 18_19_surridge_third_kit_b


The colouring of Mansfield Town’s third kit jersey is green and gold. These two colours work excellently together and while the third kit will likely be the jersey seen least this season, we think it’s a brilliant addition.




Sitting on top of the green and gold canvas are the club’s crest, Surridge’s logo, and the club’s main sponsor: OCL Solicitors. Like the away kit, Mansfield Town’s third kit remains uncluttered and combines both the excellent kit design with the practical nature of the breathable technology.




Running around the bottom of each sleeve is a thin gold line. This adds further definition and character to the jersey. Furthermore, so far the kit has been positively received by fans who will be somewhat frustrated with their team’s recent results. Mansfield Town’s jersey is finished with green shorts which feature the club’s crest, and green socks.


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