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Walsall FC Reveal Their 2018/19 Third Kit by Errea

Walsall FC. They had one of the most turbulent 2017/18 campaigns and have only just survived. Here’s their latest third kit by Errea.


If you’re a footballing fan of the town, you’ll have felt more than a little grateful for the Summer break. The club managed to scrape to survival with one game to spare, but captain Adam Chambers doesn’t want to see it next season. He said “personally I’m not happy with the season we’ve had.” This is completely understandable, surely they’ll want to be competing at the other end of the table.


To give them a boost in their 2018/19 campaign and to help them not only survive, but compete, Walsall FC have teamed up with Errea, world-class kit designers to create a third kit that is bold and contrasted nicely.


walsall walsall_18_19_errea_third_kit_b


Often with third kits, because they’re the least-seen kit in a season, designers are found to often neglect them. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Walsall. The kit is full of positive design decisions and so far, the kit has been positively received by the fanbase. Will this kit be enough to compete in this upcoming season?


The colouring of the kit is a metallic grey, combined with luminous green. This contrast of colours makes the kit work exceptionally well. There are two darker patches of grey across the shoulders and the jersey has extra-breathable panels down the sides of the kit top.




The neckline is simple, ditching a classic collar and instead opting for a sharp, ‘V’ shaped neckline, tapered with green. This tapering can also be seen at the bottom of each of the sleeves.


We at UK Soccer Shop really like this kit. We hope that they not only survive, but push up the table to give themselves a chance of promotion. It’s a tall order but maybe, just maybe it can be done.


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