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Lincoln City Reveal Their 2018/19 Home Kit by Errea

When you type “things to do in Lincoln” into Google, there are a number of popular attractions that show up. There is Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Castle, and the Lincoln Collection – a series of archaeological finds and a wonderful collection of art. What the list fails to mention is that Lincoln is also home to Lincoln City FC, a club competing in the fourth tier of English football. If that alone isn’t enough to entice you, the club have just released their latest home kit. Surely you’re keen to visit the Sincil Bank now? No? Really?


When it comes to designing a kit, companies have a few choices and concessions to make. Do they listen to the fans and create something that they truly want? Or do they try to build on the design capabilities and create something bold and fresh? Whatever you do, surely commemorating a club’s illustrious past would be an instant hit.




With this latest Lincoln City kit Errea have done all three things. They’ve listened to what the fans want, they’ve incorporated Lincoln City’s heritage, and they’ve made the design bold and fresh.


The question is: by getting help from the fans, have too many cooks spoiled the broth?


The supporters asked for a retro feel with a modern spin. Something that Errea have been happy to deliver.


lincoln city


The kit features the club’s iconic red and white colouring. The red and white stripes run vertically on the jersey and inside the white stripes are a number of red shapes. This bleed across adds to the retro character of the kit, a popular style some years ago.


The neckline of the kit is where the modernism sneaks in. There is no big, built up collar, nor no buttons to speak of.

While we at UK Soccer Shop love that the designers have listened to the fans, this kit seems a little too cluttered for our liking.


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