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Valencia’s 2018/19 Away Kit by Adidas Revealed

Spain is famous for many things: Paella, Tapas,Tortilla, but while this author is incredibly hungry, the country is also famous for their wonderful football, something Valencia in the Southern part of the country does very well. Having finished fourth, behind Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona, the club look forward to some of their top players now being sent away to the World Cup, perhaps to come back as winners. But while the coaching staff can take a temporary rest, the club itself, together with designing superstars Adidas has designed the 2018/19 away kit, set to be seen on the team’s travels.


The kit top is incredibly simple, with a very effective pattern and a number of subtle features which make it a complete look. The colour scheme is navy, darker blue, and bright, luminous orange.


valencia_18_19_adidas_away_kit_a valencia_18_19_adidas_away_kit_b


The front of the jersey has a sort of checker board pattern which is caused by the overlaying of many different sized lines in dark or navy blue. This creates a design landscape for the club’s crest, design logo and sponsor’s name to stand out and really be bold.This bold, orange accessorising is also seen across the shoulders with the appearance of two stripes heading towards the neckline.


The neck of the kit itself is incredibly simple, dark blue, tapered with the character-giving orange. It is interesting to note that the orange tapering is not seen on the bottom of the sleeves, i curious design choice.


It’s very likely that Valencia will finish in fourth or higher next season. Messi and Ronaldo have to peak at some point….right? While Valencia might have a challenging time getting the top spot, it’s certain that this well-designed kit will be making a feature on the club’s travels around sunny Spain.


What do you think of the kit? Too simple? Hate orange? Let us know.


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