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Tottenham Hotspur badge falls off mid-game

‘Being Spursy’. When a team starts a season well and then falters, whether that be due to injuries or pure bad form, the wheels are deemed to have ‘fallen off’. With the Lilywhites, we’ve all heard that one before. But what about the badge? That’s certainly a new one.

Well, while Ange Postecoglou’s side fought against their newly found derision from rival clubs this weekend – with a brilliant 4-1 win against Newcastle – the Cockerel logo on Brennan Johnson’s chest flew home to roost.

Now, against the Castore-backed Geordies, it’s hard to be the lesser of two kit manufacturers. However, Nike could’ve seen the publicity of Castore’s sweat-ridden material and thought they’d throw a botched badge into the bundle for kicks.

Realistically, it probably wasn’t that. Instead, Spurs‘ Dri-Fit Adv Nike kit suffered a rare malfunction. You see, while the rapid winger Johnson was flying about in the first half, it was clear that his crest hadn’t been applied properly. Tottenham’s badge is heat applied,  like a lot of other aspects of any football kit i.e. numbers, names, sponsors. In contrast to the other club kits from the American giant manufacturer though, Spurs’ crest is heat-applied to the jersey without the white backing/outline.

Therefore, it’s a little more fragile to a 90 minutes’ twists and turns than usual. This time, it might not have been applied properly and thus took flight while Johnson skirmished with Tino Livramento. Fans noticed, as did the staff – and Johnson came out in the second half with a fresh shirt.

Perhaps it could be a metaphor for Tottenham’s season – with hope for a stronger second half to the campaign, where ‘the wheels’ (and crests) stay on.


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