Puma’s Limited Edition evoPOWER 2016 Celebration Pack Released!

Puma has released a new limited edition colourway for its’ Celebration pack for the evoPOWER boot range.

There are just 384 pairs of the boots being made and Puma is making punters pay an extra 36% for the luxury. Whilst the standard evoPOWER cleats retail for £160, these beauties chime in at an eye-watering £250!


Puma evoPOWER Limited Edition 2016 Celebration Pack

These are the Puma evoPOWER 2016 Celebration Pack Limited Edition boots.


puma-evopower-2016-celebration-pack-boots-2nd-top puma-evopower-2016-celebration-pack-boots-2nd-heel puma-evopower-2016-celebration-pack-boots-2nd-inner#

The colourway brings the Tricks Editions to the Celebration Pack of the boots. Predominantly silver and black, with the Puma stripe on the outside of the boot the dividing point.

In common with their current design ethos, the boots have pink trim on the left foot with yellow on the right. This extends to the multi-coloured soles.


The technology behind the boot design hasn’t changed; it’s still the same emphasis on making the boot as close to the experience and control of kicking a ball barefooted. The flexible upper is lightweight and offers greater accuracy in passing.

puma-evopower-celebration-pack-heel puma-evopower-celebration-pack-front puma-evopower-celebration-pack

It’s an intriguing use of colours by Puma, just staying the right side of garish. The pink and yellow whilst vivid, are not over-powering. These combined with the black and silver base colours have come together in an attractive boot.


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