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Love Unites: Manchester United release and debut new shirt with special message

Like fellow Premier League side Arsenal, Manchester United have teamed up with South African designer extraordinaire, Rich Mnisi. Having the Old Trafford club associated with Mnisi, continues to promote a great message through the league.

The purpose of the 23-24 Love Unites collection is to ‘express creativity and solidarity through versatility and dynamism as a homage to the LGBTQ+ community.’

This it certainly does. Plus, it looks great and ten Hag’s side have already debuted the gear in their warm up as they prepared to face Chelsea at home. Love Unites’ whole deal is colour, and it’s something that is almost contrasted amidst its multicoloured camouflage-like pattern. It’s a powerful oxymoron in itself. Although people have tried to make them invisible, the LGBTQ+ community should be (and will) always be visible. 

In the collection, pieces vary from the pre-match shirt, track jacket, and shorts. The Adidas Manchester United Football Club Love Unites 2023-24 Collection is priced from 40-50 GBP.
“To love is to embrace. To love is to learn. To love is to nourish. “Love Unites” is our way of life. Its importance has no equal because we know love knows no boundaries. Whether it is love for the sport, love for the art, love for culture, or love for ourselves, it is always unconditional. It brings us together, creating bridges intersecting all our communities.” (Adidas Love Unites statement, 2021).


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