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Inter Milan’s 2023/2024 Limited Edition Kit Release

In collaboration with Nike, Inter Milan recently launched a limited edition kit, and the usual sponsor, Paramount +, was replaced by the globally recognised Transformers Logo. 

The design was simple, only replacing the logo as opposed to changing the colour or pattern, and not dissimilar to other recent limited edition kits released around the world. For example, Barcelona have recently released several such designs, in collaboration with their main sponsor Spotify.

(Above, Drake-inspired Barcelona kit)

(Above, Rolling Stones-inspired kit)

The reasoning behind this kit release by Inter Milan was for fundraising. The Men’s side recently wore the kit in their league match against Udinese, and following this, match-worn shirts were auctioned off. The proceeds from the sales were then donated to paediatric patients in Milanese hospitals, as well as some kits being donated as gifts to younger patients. A nice gesture, and an innovative design. Paramount Pictures produces the Transformers films, and given the latest film was released earlier this year, from a marketing standpoint it is a smart design. However, from a more personalised and uplifting point of view, the transformer logo may also represent a positive change for the health of the patients to which sale proceeds were donated. A clever design, atop an already sleek shirt, in combination with a clever marketing ploy and heartfelt gesture for those in need. This kit ticked all the boxes.


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