England’s Iconic Sky Blue 1990 World Cup Kit

The Men’s England football team have not had many iconic football kits, often going with the risk-free standard white shirt for the home kit, whilst a deep red or blue was used for the away kit. However, during the early 1990s, England was sponsored by Umbro, not Nike, and the company chose to make a more memorable kit. 

This masterpiece was a patterned blue kit that was a stark contrast to the white kit, and it became much more popular over time. The chequered diamond pattern which faded and blended between a royal blue and near-white baby blue, topped with the ever-favourite high collar in deep blue. Many England fans today have become accustomed to the ever-present white of England, or else reminisce of the deep red which brought World Cup success. It is difficult to get kits of these descriptions wrong, or else design kits of this ilk to be unsatisfactory. Umbro took a risk with their patterned shirt, however, like many other iconic national team kits and or World Cup shirts, it has had a lasting legacy. For example, Nigeria has long been known to make memorable fan-favourite kits, and the 1990 England kit shares a striking resemblance with Nigeria’s popular 2018 World Cup home kit. 

For any England fans who reminisce about the 1990 England World Cup semi-finalist team, or else any fan who wishes to stand out from the crowd, this retro England kit is the one to go with.


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