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Adidas Telstar 2018 – Russia World Cup Football

Now that we’ve shown you the warm tracksuits of Adidas, as well as the Netherlands’ new home kit, here’s our piece on the 2018 World Cup Ball.

2018’s World Cup in Russia is only two months away. The event is steeped in controversy, with Russia’s relations having deteriorated with many countries around the world and pressure being put on Gareth Southgate not to enter England in the tournament. Further to this controversy, warnings are being issued about the Russian violence seen at previous footballing tournaments, only heightened by the political climate. Despite the worry, the World Cup has always been legendary, seeing wondrous events such as the invention of the Vuvuzela and of course, England’s romp home to victory in 1966. The tournament is famous for drama, excitement, and of course – high quality football. 



On the right: The Telstar 18. On the left: The Telstar from 1970

The name Telstar is a combination of “television” and “star” and the unique pattern is inspired by the 1970 Telsar, which was used to ensure watchers on television would be able to recognise the ball’s position much more easily.


Since this first Telstar, technology has come on massively. Within the 2018 World Cup ball is an NFC microchip which while it can’t track shot power, accuracy, and useful data like this, it opens up Adidas challenges to the owner of the ball. The microchip links to smartphones allowing you to complete challenges while playing with the ball itself.


Its design is relatively stylish with a pixelated pattern on a white background.


While the World Cup might have a huge amount of drama in store, the football will be seen by millions around the world.


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