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PSV Eindhoven’s 2019/20 Concept Kit Designs Have Arrived

A Se of Amateur Concept Kits for PSV Eindhoven. What do You Think?


Well, it’s Monday. We had the Friday feeling right through the weekend and now it’s back to work. Here at UK Soccer Shop, we like to think we bring you the best of football kit releases. But what happens when clubs stop releasing kits and start playing football instead? Well, in the depths of Twitter, people with excellent Photoshop skills predict what kits they think a certain club will wear. Often, the design rarely comes to life, always remaining as a design on the computer. Furthermore, we think that PSV Eindhoven’s three concept kits will always remain as an idea.


We showed off their 2018/19 home, away and third kits months ago. Each design was carefully considered and excellently executed. These latest concept kits aren’t quite so carefully considered. They’re a little bolder than the current kits, to say the least.


PSV Eindhoven


PSV Eindhoven’s home concept jersey is red. Running vertically are two thick white stripes. Also on the chest of this concept home kit are a number of upside down white arrows. On top of this pattern is the club’s crest and Umbro’s logo. This would already be a slightly cluttered design, but the addition of a black and green sponsor only adds to the confusing concept.




The away kit is the design that seems to tie into the considered approach that Umbro usually takes. The jersey is sky blue and running diagonally are a number of thin white lines. This allows each of the elements (crest, logo and sponsor) to properly stand out.




Finally, PSV Eindhoven’s third kit. It’s a black and grey camouflage design. Furthermore, the club’s crest is also grey. It looks like a black kit that has faded in the wash, rather than a dynamic, pushing-the-envelope design.


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