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Watford FC Reveal Their Green 2018/19 Away Kit by Adidas

Could Watford Win The Premier League? Stranger Things Have Happened


We’re four games into the English Premier League. You could say that it’s hardly a barometer for how things are going to look at the end of the season. But let’s suspend any doubts and pretend that it is. Watford currently sit in third place with twelve points. They’re ahead of both Manchester City and Tottenham, not on goal difference. On points. Right now the EPL is a mess. Arsenal are ninth and Manchester United sit firmly in tenth place. If the strange results continue, this could be the most exciting season since Leicester City went on to win the title.


watford_18_19_adidas_away_kit_a watford 18_19_adidas_away_kit_c


Let’s calm down. Furthermore, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves. If the table as it currently stands is any indication to how it will look in eight months time, we must apply that logic to the Championship. That would mean that Ipswich Town are relegated. So let’s just say that things might change. This author seriously hopes so.


Way back in June, we showed you Watford FC’s 2018/19 home kit. It was bright, well-designed, and furthermore, yellow. Those three factors are incredibly important to us here at UK Soccer Shop.




While the away kit isn’t yellow, it is simple with plenty of Adidas’ flair and character. Watford’s jersey is green and features a semi-checkerboard pattern that we’ve seen several times over the past few months.


Across the shoulders, running up towards the simple neckline, are three lime-green stripes. You might think that you’ve seen them before and you’d be right. Furthermore, They’re a trademark design feature seen many times on other Adidas kits.


As mentioned, the neckline is simple. Furthermore, a lime-green tapering runs around the inside.


We really hope that Watford can keep competing at the top of the Premier League. Our fingers are crossed.


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