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The Republic of Ireland Have Released Their 2018/19 Away Kit by NB

If you watched the 2018 World Cup in Russia. You might have been looking out the window and wondering how it can possibly be so hot. You might have also sat there and noticed that there was only one home nation at the tournament. England. Furthermore, it might be very likely that you enjoyed watching them crash out after all of the hype and endless singing of that Three Lions’ song. Don’t despair though. British football still has so much in its pocket. So much that wasn’t seen on the World Cup stage. Including the Republic of Ireland.


They’re currently ranked 29th in the world and in their last fixture against the USA, they won 2-1. Ignoring the fact that they also lost 2-0 to France in May, the country can be confident that they’ll surely be competing at another international tournament very soon. To help them get there and boost both players’ and fans’ confidence, we want to bring you their latest away kit. The Republic of Ireland has teamed up with New Balance to craft a simple and bright kit that fans are so far incredibly impressed by.


 ireland_18_19_new_balance_away_kit_a Republic of ireland 18_19_new_balance_away_kit_b


The kit is white. Sometimes that’s a cause for concern. Not here. Furthermore, the kit’s colouring allows for the country’s crest, their main sponsor, and New Balance’s logo to stand out perfectly.




Across the simple neckline, which is single-buttoned is the colour green. It also features the colour orange which is another colour on the country’s badge. Finally, the sleeves are half-and-half. One half being white and the other: green. The nape of the kit features the word “Eire,” which is Irish for the word Ireland.


We at UK Soccer Shop really quite like this bright, simple kit and can’t wait to see the kit competitively over the coming year. What do you think? Love it or hate it?


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