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Portsmouth FC Reveal Their 2018/19 Third Kit by Nike

Earlier today we showed you Hull City’s third kit. The white was bright and eye-catching, however the yellow and orange seemed to clash. We wanted to use today to highlight the excellent third kits released over the past few days. Furthermore, this author wants to forget about Ipswich Town’s Carabao cup defeat to Exeter last night. Now is the turn of Portsmouth.


So far this season, we’ve shown you both the club’s home and away kits. It’s mainly because we have a soft spot for Brett Pitman but also because both kits were incredibly smart. They’re both simple and the overall design of each works well.


Their third kit is no different.


portsmouth portsmouth_18_19_nike_third_kit_b


It is a black kit with plenty of character on offer. Across the kit, running horizontally are a number of grey stripes. They give depth to the jersey while still allowing a blank canvas to work with. On top of this blank canvas is the club’s crest, an advert for the University of Portsmouth, and Nike’s iconic Swoosh.


Down the side of the kit runs a silver, metallic strip. This highlights the breathable technology and only adds further character to the kit.


Neither the bottom of the sleeves nor the neckline are tapered with a different colour. On this dark kit this decision might certainly have paid off.




The kit is finished with black shorts (featuring the silver stripe down the side) and black socks. Furthermore, fans who have seen the kit have largely reacted positively. It is, in our humble opinion, an excellent third kit. While we might not get to see it too often this season, when we do, it will certainly make a bold splash.


After seeing exceptional kits designed by Nike, fans of Portsmouth will hope that their club can push for promotion this season.


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