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Sheffield Wednesday Reveal Their 2018/19 Away Kit by Elev8

Last week we explored Sheffield Wednesday’s latest home kit. It oozed style and appealed to us because of its genuine simplicity. The fans seem to love the kit so we thought it best to show you the club’s away kit.


Sheffield Wednesday finished in 15th place at the end of their 2017/18 campaign. Having finished just three points behind Norwich last season, the club will be hoping to end their 2018/19 season in the top half of the table. This is certainly do-able, especially considering that the scouts for the Owls are looking to sign non-league wonderkid Sam Smart, from Basingstoke. This might be the young, positive energy that they need to power them up the league table.


sheffield wednesday


To help Sheffield Wednesday in their upcoming season, they’ve teamed up with Elev8 to craft a stunning away kit. Not one bursting with colour, but one that is simple and effective. One thing it is worth noting is that Elev8 don’t appear on Google. Something a little strange, afterall, their name is quite unique.


The kit is metallic grey. A dark grey with lighter streaks running vertically from the bottom. Furthermore, the lines that shoot up seem to give the kit more height. Afterall, horizontal lines make you look broader, vertical lines for taller. So that makes sense.


The neckline features a semi-classic collar, seemingly taken from a polo top. The collar does not have a button at the front so maximises the amount of air able to get into the kit.




In the press photos, Barry Bannon doesn’t look happy. There’s a smirk in the group shot but he’s either hating being there or that’s his moody camera look.


The kit is finished with metallic grey shorts and features gold writing on the top and colouring around the neckline.


We at UK Soccer Shop really like this kit and can’t wait to see it perform next season.


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