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Villarreal Release Their 2018/19 Home and Away Kits by Juma

Villarreal play at the highest heights of Spanish football. In their 2017/18 campaign they finished in fifth place. Granted this was 32 points behind the champions of Barcelona. But still, they finished very highly and are known for their excellent football. As we sit back watching Spain navigate the World Cup, fans of Villarreal are waiting for the next season to begin. Whether The Yellow Submarine (yes, that’s their real nickname) will be able to push for the title is questionable but Joma have designed the club a home and away kit that are each vibrant and stylish, Two kits that have so far been popular with fans around the world and could boost their team a few places up the table.


The home kit is yellow. This is an obvious choice after their nickname and will surely promote positivity as a ray of sunshine. No? Well at least it will be able to spot on the pitch.




Running vertically down the front of the jersey are a number of thin white lines. Halfway down the kit top the density increases to give a half-and-half effect. We really like this design because the club crest, design logo, and sponsor all remain in full view. They are not crowded out by design choice.


A slight blue tapering appears on the underside of the sleeves and the neckline reflects this colour. With the colour change on the neckline, it appears as if there is a high-collar. This compromise between classical kit design and something more sleek and modern is what makes the kit so excellent.




The away kit is pink. Or purple. We aren’t quite sure. Eitherway, the colouring is incredibly bright and bold, something very successful about Villarreal’s jersey. Vertical lines follow a continuous pattern, rather than increasing in density and between the sleeves and the body is a thick, darker stripe. The neckline features an overlapping short collar with a flash of white.


Both of Villarreal’s kits are well-designed by Juma and we at UK Soccer Shop love them. What do you think? Are they a winning combination?


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