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Birmingham City Reveal Their 2018/19 Home Kit by Adidas

Birmingham. If you live there, you know the confusion that’s felt around the country. To those living in the south, you are perceived and northern. To those in the north, you’re a southerner. If you’re a resident of Birmingham, you know that you live in the Midlands and that is where the confusion comes from. This interpretation of south or north is probably better to fixate on than where the club finished last season. With 46 points Birmingham finished in 19th place. This was only five points ahead of the relegation spots.


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But what can they do now? Well Gary Monk insists that his transfer business will be “one in, one out” and the club have signed Kristian Pederson from Union Berlin. It seems like Birmingham know exactly what they need to do. They need to survive and compete. The club are getting firmly involved with the transfer market and we hope that their 2018/19 season is a little steadier than the 2017/18 one.


To further their hopes of survival and, dare we say it, promotion, the club have released their latest home kit. It is lovely.


Featuring the obvious blue and white colouring, the kit keeps everything simple – the lines, shape, and characteristics.


The body is blue with a white line running horizontally across the top of the chest. Below this is the club’s crest and Adidas’ logo. Further down is the club’s sponsor: 888 Sport.




With most kits that we’ve seen designed by Adidas, there have been three lines across the shoulders running up to the neckline. With this kit, the designers have decided against this. Instead they have filled the shoulders with white and the blue neckline is pointed at the front.


The sleeves are blue without white tapering, whereas the white shorts have blue tapering at the bottom. This completes the look perfectly.


The socks are blue with white stripes across the top.


In conclusion, we love this kit and hope that Birmingham City continue to fight in the Championship or even push for promotion.


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