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Accrington Stanley’s 2018/19 Away Kit by Adidas Revealed

They’re gradually climbing the tables. Accrington Stanley secured promotion to League One in April. Finishing their 2017/18 season with a five point lead above Luton Town, it could be argued that Stanley had plenty of breathing space. However, for any fan, this comfort was not the case.


With the summer break now unfolding around us and transfer rumours being spread hither and dither, the fans who nervously watched at the Crown Ground can take a deep breath and let the World Cup excite them. It’s a long road to the Championship, but could they do it? Off the back of the 2017/18 positivity, Accrington Stanley have released their latest away kit. It’s excellent, but the photos are a little questionable.




When a club releases their latest design-masterpieces, the kits that they know you’ll want, the photographs are usually full of drama, energy, and more importantly: colour.


The away kit itself is a lighter shade than sky blue. Similar to 2018 Champions: Manchester City, just without players’ price tags. The red of the logo really stands out and although the logo is in white, it does its best to be noticed – “Wham”.


This kit is incredibly simple, so apart from the tapering around the sleeves and Adidas’ iconic stripes across the shoulders, there isn’t a whole lot else to be seen. While this is a simple, effective kit, the promotional photos are a little dark and gloomy, not suggesting the bold, exciting explosion onto the League One scene.


accrington stanley


While we must ignore the photographs and focus on the kit itself, it’s hard to ignore the inherent grey-quality of the editing.


We really hope that in reality, they are bright, striking, and well-designed. It’s Adidas, afterall, so surely they must look great.


It will be incredibly interesting to see how eye-catching these kits are and whether they can provide enough energy to propel Accy Stanley into the Championship (and beyond).




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