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Flamengo Reveal their 2018 Away Kit from Adidas

Brazil is famous for so much. The giant statue of Jesus above Rio de Janeiro, a particular bikini wax, and their incredible football. They were pioneers of the sport when the hoofball was the most popular tactic and players preferred solid attack, rather than fluidity which appears like a dance. The international team’s bright yellow jerseys spelled trouble right up until the beast was tamed by Germany, in the 2014 World Cup semi-final. While this was simply a blip on an internationally illustrious ocean, fans will be watching the Russian World Cup with eyes fixed to the screen. Flamengo sounds like a dance, but instead it’s a Brazilian sports team based in Rio de Janeiro and they play at the highest league in the country.


For them, the season in the Brasileirao Serie A has just begun. Currently they sit in second place behind Sao Paulo, and with the release of their latest away kit, the team will be hoping for a huge amount of success.




The kit top itself is white with red and black tapering round each of the sleeves. The club’s crest and Adidas’ logo sit on the chest and around the neck is the same red and black tapering. The sleeves feature the designer brand’s iconic stripes running from the neckline to the edge of each shoulder.


The jersey has several other logos from sponsors and some critics have described it as a little crowded. While the design itself is very simple and effective, with the many different colours of the logos, we can see how some might think it crowded.




Whether this kit is a success isn’t known yet, whether it will spur them onto a title wining season is also something unknown, but one thing is certain, the sun will still shine in Brazil and the country will have plenty to show at this year’s world cup.


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