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Bayern München 2015 Bundesliga Winners Shirts

Bayern München won the third Bundesliga in a row last weekend, after they won their match vs Hertha Berlin and Wolfsburg, the team in second place, lost to Borussia Mönchengladbach.

To celebrate the third championship and the absolute record of 25 domestic titles, Adidas designed two commemorative T-shirts.


The first one has a red base and on the front it reads Rekordmeister (german for record champions) and the year 2015, with the crest featuring the four stars (corresponding for winning over 20 local titles) on the left side and the brand on the right side. Also, inside the letters of the text it can be seen a pattern with years of the championships won and other details drawn (like an old ball), and in the number of this year the 0 is replaced by the Bundesliga trophy.


The other shirt, of black color, on the front has the same phrase flaunting the record of championships along with the phrase “forever number one”, and above that in larger size the number 25 representing the total german league titles that Bayern München has and a laurel surrounding this figure with the team crest in the center.


On the back, at the shoulder level it reads Deutscher Meister (German Champions) and below that it lists the years of the championships won starting from 2015 and going down with a blurred effect up to the year 1932, when it won the first domestic title.

Despite being able to celebrate often, Bayern München never tire of doing it and displaying its supremacy in Germany.


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