Basel 2016/17 Away Kits Launched

FC Basel, Swiss champions for the seventh consecutive season, have launched their 2016/17 away kit. Despite selling their best players over the years, RotBlau have consistently proven too strong for their domestic rivals.

With no change expected for their home kit, Basel have taken their traditional away kit and given kit manufacturers the opportunity to produce a modern twist on the traditional all-white design.

FC Basel 2016-17 Away Kit Full

FC Basel 2016/17 Away Kit

This is the FC Basel away kit to be worn during the 2016/17 season.

FC Basel 2016-17 Away Kit FC Basel 2016-17 Away Kit Reverse

Adidas haven’t strayed too far from the template. In truth, it’s close to the 2014/15 kit with the panel and Three Stripes moved from the shoulder area to the underarm and each side of the shirt’s body.

The collar is a Henley-style in black with the three-button neckline in white.

The sleeves, all white, have black panels on the underside, leading into red and blue cuffs, the club’s traditional home colours.

With primary sponsor, Novartis, and Adidas featuring their logos in black on the front of the shirt, the cuffs and the club badge on the left breast, are the only splashes of colour on the shirt.

The shorts and socks are both all-white with black trim.

2016/17 FC Basel Home Kit

The FC Basel home kit is unchanged from the 2015/16 season.

FC Basel 2016-17 Home Kit

Predominantly red and blue, the front is almost over-shadowed by the black panels on the side leading to similarly coloured sleeves and shoulders.

Adidas trademark Three Stripes feature strongly in white with the colour being red and blue hoops. The blue band in the collar is chequered with black whilst the hemline is red with blue chequer, as are the cuffs.

It’s an unusual colour scheme with a nice hint of the past in the modern design.


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