All White Now – Puma evoSPEED SLII On Its Way

Puma is on a roll. The evoPOWER 1.3 blackout boot is here and accompanied by this evoSPEED SLII whiteout boot! There is a stunning simplicity to the all-white design, as sharp as its blackout sibling.


Puma evoSPEED SLII Whiteout Boot

This is the Puma evoSPEED SLII Whiteout boot:


The only non-white elements in the boot’s design is the stitching and transparent stud tips while the evoSPEED logo has grey borders. Puma’s Formstripe is stitched into the fabric of the upper without any border.


The boots weigh around 100g but are not slight. The kangaroo leather upper is pliable but the trademark superfine rod strengthens the boot structure.


As with the evoPOWER, the evoSPEED SLII doesn’t bring any new technological advances to the table; it’s a standard SLII boot.


Complete with white laces and stitching around the eyelets, the contrast between the trim and the white raises the design notch a level or two.

The evoSPEED, like the evoPOWER won’t be worn by the brand ambassadors such as Adam Lallana, instead going on sale to the public.

Following on from the King Natural Pack, Puma is on a roll with the single colourway designs. Everything they are touching is coming out stylish!


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