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S.S.C. Napoli Reveal Their 2018/19 Home Kit by Kappa

What are Italians known for? Pizza, pasta, and lots of tourists pretending to lean on famous landmarks. They’re also known for their excellent football. Italy might not have made it to the 2018 World Cup, however there were plenty of teams sighing in relief of that fact. Napoli is just one of the many teams that make up Serie A. Last season they finished just four points behind the mighty Juventus who took the title, and 14 points ahead of third place.


This season, surely Carlo Ancelotti will have his sights firmly set on first place. The fans will want to see that silverware lifted and the pressure will be on. Furthermore, the club are playing Lazio this Saturday, so it is hoped that they’ll get off to a flying start.


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To help them on their way (if a football kit has ever actively helped a team), the club has teamed up with Kappa to create a rather animalistic design, apparently inspired by the Panther.


The home kit is blue. That’s the club’s colour so it makes complete sense. Scrawled across the front of the kit top is a pattern made up of dark and light triangular shapes. Within this pattern, a panther’s eyes and mouth can clearly be seen. Staring out and waiting to devour the competition.




For the neckline, the club have opted for a classic collar. One similar to a polo-top and fastened with a singular button at the front. The kit’s breathable technology is highlighted between the body and sleeves. The bottoms of the sleeves are tapered with elasticated blue.


The front of Napoli’s jersey features two sponsors, the club’s crest, and Kappa’s logo. While the sponsors are rather large, they don’t seem to negatively dominate the kit.




Today we also showed you Real Betis’ home kit, also designed by Kappa. How do the two kits compare? 


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